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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun


Ranger : Leo

Location : Meteor Valley


"Let's try and wrap this up quickly, Artemis!" Komo called out to his dragonfly. "Try another Air Slash again, but combine it with a Psychic attack to speed it up and make it stronger!"

The Gastly was excuting his Hypnosis, but it had missed the Yanmega, which was a close one. The Bug Pokemon shook it off and began to create strong blades of winds that cut through the cave. She began to glow a dark blue color, she was powering up the attack just like instructed, everything seemed to be going well.

The Gastly was looking pretty weak and tired, and it seemed to be giving up. Then it began to glow too. It gathered every dark thought it had in its mind and created a black ring around its body. With the Psychic attack, it launched the Dark Pulse, slamming hard into the Yanmega's Sub and the Yanmega. It was a last desperate attack to protect itself.


Battle Stats -

Wild Pokemon: Gastly
Nature : ???
Gender : Female
Ability : Levitate
Stats Changes:
Health : 19%
Moves: Dark Pulse - Psychic

Your Pokemon: Yanmega
Nature : Calm
Gender : Female
Ability : Speed Boost
Stats Changes: SD+3
Health : 46%
Moves: Air Slash Psychic


Name: Komo Rebi
Money: $7,100
Location: Meteor Valley

Items: Parkball (x7), Superball (x4), Hyperball (x1), Repellent (x5), Max Potion (x4), Full Heal (x4), Pokedoll (x2)

Area Effects:



Victoria(Weavile/Serious/F/Pressure): 100% [Brick Break, Fake Out, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Substitute, Swords Dance]

Artemis(Yanmega/Calm/F/Speed Boost): 67% [Giga Drain, Hidden Power: Poison, Psychic, Roost, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Sweet Kiss, Whirlwind]

Encounters: Bold Unown - Calm Metang 16% - [Captured] - Wynaut - ??? - Careful Solrock 15% (Captured)

OOC: I knew that xD ...
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