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Default Re: =~|Kirethidae's RP|~=

OOC: Male Riolu, please.

Immediately, as soon as Jake started to step back, Xieleth leaped into action. The graceful Espeon knew instinctively that Kirethidae wanted to battle the dog-like Riolu, and took it upon herself to battle her, rather arrogantly placing herself in the battle.
Kirethidae didn't mind one bit, in fact, he liked the enthusiasm behind Xieleth's actions.
Kirethidae had known Xieleth for a very long time and they had a strong bond with each other; it was only fair that she got alot of the action, and was not put in the backrow.
Besides, Xieleth was arguably Kirethidae's most powerful Pokémon anyway, so who better than her to fight the worked-up Riolu?

Xieleth didn't wait for commands from Kirethidae, but as their thoughts were for the most part telepathically linked, she shared her general plan with her companion, as he shared his with her. The speedy Espeon flew straight into the fray and sent many glowing stars flying at the Riolu, in a magnificent Swift attack. Hoping to catch the offensive Riolu off-guard with the spinning stars, Xieleth attempted to use a Calm Mind as she hoped the Riolu would be too busy dodging her attack.
Then, empowered by her newly focused mind, she quickly flourished her psychic prowess with a common Psychic attack, wanting to pick up the Riolu as he dodged, and leave him dangling in the air, helpless against an incoming Psybeam...
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