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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun


Ranger : Leo

Location : Meteor Valley


"Hypnosis," and that was the only word Komo said, looking for something in his pocket. Then the Dragonfly began giving off these circular hypnotic pulses that caused the Gastly to become drowsy. It was slowly falling asleep. Its gas body slowly levitated to the ground. Komo had thrown a Superball at the Gastly, and it looked like it was going to hit the Gastly and take it in, but the Gastly's eyes suddenly popped open and launched a Shadow Ball at the Superball. The attack sent the ball flying back towards the trainer, then the Gasttly fell to the ground, sound asleep.


Battle Stats -

Wild Pokemon: Gastly
Nature : ???
Gender : Female
Ability : Levitate
Stats Changes: Sleep
Health : 19%

Your Pokemon: Yanmega
Nature : Calm
Gender : Female
Ability : Speed Boost
Stats Changes: SD+4
Health : 46%
Moves: Hypnosis


Name: Komo Rebi
Money: $7,100
Location: Meteor Valley

Items: Parkball (x7), Superball (x4), Hyperball (x1), Repellent (x5), Max Potion (x4), Full Heal (x4), Pokedoll (x2)

Area Effects:



Victoria(Weavile/Serious/F/Pressure): 100% [Brick Break, Fake Out, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Substitute, Swords Dance]

Artemis(Yanmega/Calm/F/Speed Boost): 67% [Giga Drain, Hidden Power: Poison, Psychic, Roost, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Sweet Kiss, Whirlwind]

Encounters: Bold Unown - Calm Metang 16% - [Captured] - Wynaut - ??? - Careful Solrock 15% (Captured)

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