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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17

It didn't take enough time for Natsu to notice that the ground Growlithe was perched upon was wet. Although it didn't seem to be much of a use, an idea struck into his head.

"Alright Ludicolo, you're going to execute an event of moves, but take your time when executing each of them, and we'll best that Growlithe in no time!"

"Ludiii...!!" Ludicolo replied back in enthusiasm.

"Let's go then, first up, use Ice Beam on that wet floor, do not direct it towards that Growlithe, since it can incinerate your ice move pretty much. Just make the wet ground into a thin patch of icy floor. That will cause that pup to lose his balance and stagger about..."

Ludicolo begin to give out a wide grin, as if it knew what Natsu was up to. But still, floating about in the lake, it just had its attention on the Growlithe, and Natsu.

"Next, skate your way through that ice path, and pummel the Growlithe with an Zen Headbutt. Being a part water type, you shouldn't have difficulties with that icy floor. That should send him flying mid-air. Chill a bit, take a deep breath and dowse him out with your Hydro Pump attack! Let's go Ludicolo!..."

Ludicolo jumped up in the air, and began to bring its hand before its beak-like mouth. A light blue ball appears in front of Ludicolo's mouth ad within minutes, Light blue beams are then fired at the wet floor from the ball, instantly freezing it...

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