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Default Re: Expansion: Training Committee

Here I shall be listing those who have expressed an interest in being taught into a position (and just some people we decided to put on the list). More organized mass reffing classes shall be worked out within the next few days.

Also, I know I'm forgetting people. AND WE NEED MORE PEOPLE.

Potential Referees: Starkipraggy, Bumblebee16, Luke39, Ragnarok, Sec, Eeveedude, Sheepskin, TsukiKaiki

Potential Graders:

Potential Rangers: Shock

Potential Judges: Shock, TsukiKaiki, Pokémon Partner

EDIT: Pretty sure you all know what you're doing, but if you have issues or questions, talk to Alonzo/Fierce Diety and/or Trainer17 while I'm away.

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