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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec


Swalot kept moving a bit in its sleep, but it didn't seem to be aware of what was going on. Sec as easily able to approach it and drop the ball right on top of his target. The Superball opened and Swalot went right inside. The ball fell to the ground and gave out a single red flash without moving at all. After that, the ball simply remained still.

"That's it! You caught it!" said Ranger Eli, happy that Sec had finally ended the battle with that Swalot.

"Alright, I can still keep walking you through the Powerplant until we find 3 more Pokemon. Are you up for it?"

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sec

Location: Abandoned Powerplant

Area Effects:
---Parkball on the floor

Encounters Remaining: 3

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Marowak (F/Lightning Rod) 51.47%
---Calm Togekiss (F/Serene Grace) 32.85% (Intoxicated)

Total Items: Park Balls x2, Super Balls x4, Max Potions x2, Full Heal x2

Total Captured Pokemon: Quirky Grimer (?/Sticky Hold), Adamant Swalot (?/Sticky Hold)

Current Wild Pokemon: N/A

Other Wild Pokemon: ??? Elekid (?/Static), Lax Magnetone (?/Magnet Pull), Careful Manectric (?/Static), Mild Jolteon (?/Volt Absorb), Serious Registeel (NG/Pressure), Naughty Minum (?/Minus), Naive Manectric (?/Lightning Rod), Bold Rotom (GL/Levitate), Lax Electabuzz (?/Static), Naive Shinx (?/Rivalry)

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