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Default Re: Individual RP: Keion


Ren allowed Cenon to pull her behind the large leafy dinosaur that had planted its weight into the tile floor as it was creating a miniature sun to project onto the battle field.

"Grass-type's resistance from electricity would protect us from Manectric's Discharge, as well as any form of Porygon's stray attacks," he explained, and Ren nodded in approval. She smiled. It made her day to be escorting such a knowledgeable trainer, because not only did it mean there were fewer chances of something going wrong due to a careless mistake on the trainer's behalf, but it also made battles so much more interesting.

She stood against the wall, leaning a bit to see past the massive Venusaur that was blocking the way and squinting a bit from the bright light caused by the Sunny Day, and prepared to watch the interesting battle that would hopefully commence.

Manectric nodded at his trainer's command and barked in glee, enjoying the confidence his trainer had in him. He turned back towards the battle, his expression suddenly much more serious, and planted his feet firmly on the ground as he continued to Charge electricity.

The angry Porygon had created quite a large ball of electrical energy by now. It narrowed its eyes and, if it had any sort of mouth at all, Ren imagined it would be smirking. The digital Pokemon let out a very eerie and high pitched cackle as it flung its head back and then whipped it forward, the force propelling the Zap Cannon as if it were a literal cannon ball.

Unfortunately, or in this case, fortunately for Cenon, Manectric's ability made the Zap Cannon, which was normally a very unpredictable move that didn't always hit, lock on to the electric canine like a heat-seeking missile. Manectric braced himself for the impact as the ball of electricity came shooting towards him. The sheer force of the attack slammed him into the wall, which caused all the electricity he'd been storing, including the electricity from Porygon's attack, to explode out of him in a very powerful Discharge.

Sparks of electricity filled the entire room, Venusaur's resistance protecting Cenon and Ren from harm. Porygon, however, didn't have such a luxury, and was hit with several strong jolts of electricity as well as many small sparks that quickly engulfed its polygonal body. It fell to the ground, twitching as sparks still flew off its body.

Porygon let out an angry cry when it realized that it could barely move, then made that weird face as if it were trying to smirk again. Just because it was paralyzed didn't necessarily mean it couldn't attack. It just couldn't use a physical one, which the Pokemon wasn't too fond of anyway. It closed its eyes and began to focus, making strange humming and beeping sounds similar to a computer connecting to the internet via a dial-up connection. Soon the humming and beeping turned into an insect-like buzzing.

Ren pounded the palm of her hand with her fist. "That must be a Conversion move! Porygon is able to change its type! This one is pretty smart," she commented, as the pink and blue blocky Pokemon continued to buzz as it glowed a faint green. The green glow began to separate from its body and formed several floating rings, which then merged together into a sort of beam.

"It must have changed into a bug type, and now it's getting ready to use a Signal Beam!" she gasped, getting much more excited by this than she probably should have.

Battle Stats
Impish Genderless Porygon w/Download (Downloading Sp. Atk)
78%; PAR; Sp. Atk +1 [Conversion (to bug type); Signal Beam]

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Cenon Flair
Location: Abandoned Powerplant
Area Effects: The sun is shining. Inside a power plant. Defying the laws of physics ftw.
Encounters: 13

Trainer's Pokemon

Docile M Venusaur w/ Overgrow <Out of ball, using Sunny Day>
EMs: Earthquake, Outrage, Return, Sunny Day, Sludge Bomb, Swords Dance

Naive M Manectric w/ Lightning Rod <In battle>
EMs: Magnet Rise, Rain Dance, Flamethrower, Ice Fang, Signal Beam
87%; Sp. Def +1 ((from Charge))

Quiet F Persian w/ Limber <In ball>
EMs: Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Attract, HP Dragon, Swift, Aerial Ace, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Substitute, Icy Wind

Items: Park Balls x3, Super Balls x3, Hyper Balls x3, Digital Camera x1, Rangerís Delight x1, Supreme Parkball x1
Pokemon Encountered: Golbat, Porygon
Pokemon Caught: None

((Brownie points to you for having a good post and being smart, but don't think I'm gonna be this easy on you throughout the duration of this battle.))

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