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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Saundra Blake
Outer Heaven

"Oh, it's very cute," I said, chuckling as the cottony-winged bird alighted on my head. "But right now, I think I'm looking for something else. However, I wouldn't object if you wished to accompany us," I added, not wanting to hurt the bird's feelings. Getting an idea I added, "I just don't feel like battling such a strong Pokemon right now. If my party gets worn out from battling you, where will I be then!"

My hope was that the Swablu would take this praise and be pleased by it. In truth I simply didn't want to battle it right now, since there was a good chance I may rin into an Altaria later, or a Pokemon I was more interested in capturing. As was already mentioned, though, I didn't want to hurt the little Pokemon's feelings by just saying I didn't want to battle it.


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