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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Trainer Brisbane
Outer Heavem

After a brief talk about himself, a little Pidgey fell on Marshmallow-san's lap, looking quite playful. It was quite a cute sight as the guy petted the little bird's head, and in reply it cooed happily. "Say, you wouldn't be interested in a Pidgey, would you?" my ranger asked.

"Hm... No, not really. I mean, they are very nice Pokemon, but my Noctowl back home would probably throw a fit if he saw me coming with a little bird with me- he's pretty jealous, he may think I'm trying to replace him. I'd rather not risk it, honestly. Now, little one," I said to the Pidgey. "Can you get back to your nest, or do you need some help?"
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