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Default Re: Sheep's judging log! Baa! <3

Third contest! It feels like it's been forever D':

RS Normal Smart

Shock and Spoink w/820 get Normal Smart Ribbon, $2,000 + $1,500 credits
Eeveedude and Espeon w/786 get $1,500 + $1,000 credits
BJ and Ditto w/651 gets $1,500 + $500 credits
Marshy and Mrs. Mime w/360 gets $1,000 + $500 credits

I get $2,000 for judging <3

Not too bad, there was one round where three mons were nervous which makes my life so much easier; Spoink and Espeon pulled some pretty nice tricks outta their asses but due to tons of startling it ended up pretty close. It was the Primary that did it for this one.

sheepskinfuton (6:39:47 PM): Ditto used Transform! Ditto transformed into Spongebob Squarepants <3 +3! The crowd is excited! +1!
ShockNJ (6:39:51 PM): xD

supermonkey07 (11:45:01 PM): lol
(11:45:03 PM): silly sheep
(11:45:10 PM): trying to act like people do
(11:45:14 PM): talk the people talk
(11:45:16 PM): eat the people food
(11:45:20 PM): but you're just a sheep
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