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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13) (Chapter 7 can be read now!)

Originally Posted by ShionRasenka View Post
Great chapter PK!! Yes, now I understand why the story's called "My Guardian Angel". I can't wait to read the next chapter!! I find it interesting you're gonna put in Orre, because that's one of my favorite regions!!! =D If you need any info on it, check Bulbapedia.

This was a very interesting chapter. Mark Antony's gotta get used to his new job. xDD The training sesssion was interesting. I was thinking: "That poor Ledian!" And it's gona be interesting when he goes to Lavender Town, Kanto. That's SO not his favorite region right now. I wonder how he's gonna deal with a kid like that. xDDD
xDD He's not going to like it, trust me. I had to completely rework the next three chapters because it dealt with modern day Poke Balls and Trainers, which completely contradicted the timeline I set. I'm glad I did because these new three chapters are a lot more interesting and exicting.

Yes, I like to make Mark Antony squirm, and he's going to be squirming as he tries to protect that kid. :P

On another note, I can't believe I already started thinking about a sequel to this fan fic. xD lol This is going to be fun.

- Kat

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