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Default [PROJECT] Easter Egg Project '10 [4th Annual]

Guess what...? IT'S BACK, BABY!

Hoshika's Dialga Egg
'07 Winner of the Best Sprite Award

FiragaShark's Moogle Egg
'08 Winner of the Best Sprite Award

Speed-X's Colorful Egg
'09 Winner of the Best Sprite Award

_____ Egg
'10 Winner of the Best Sprite Award

NB: I was planning to do this earlier, but I got sick, and it complicated things a bit. =/

Welcome to the FOURTH ANNUAL Easter Egg Project, 2010, run by yours truly, Professor Geoffrey!

What is the EEP ’10?
This is the fourth annual Easter Egg project, the most recurring spriting project on PE2K; the first year, I was Absols-Darkness, the second year, I was Geoffreys-Darkness, and the third year, I was A Requiem of Verities, just in case you haven’t been keeping up with all of my name changes. But what is it, you ask? It is a collective of egg sprites to celebrate Easter, maybe not only just as a Christian holiday, but a time when… well, eggs, are on our mind! You know, like the legend of the Easter Bunny! Like Santa Claus, he comes in the middle of the night, except he doesn’t give presents; he often gives candy, but nowadays, he sometimes also gives a movie, a beanie baby, or whatever else appropriate.

EEP will run for two weeks, until Easter, and then all of the sprites will be counted! Unlike my other projects, where afterwards, I was too busy to judge and name winners, I will make sure to make time to do that this year! There are several possibilities to win. Also, I will accept graphics, but only the first ten will be judged. But please be aware that this is not a contest. I only judge what I think are the best Pokémon according to each category, and that’s that.

So, what do you want me to do?
Go on whichever program you use to make sprites or graphics and go to town! If you need help making an egg, you can use this sprite, or find a more current one. I don't care what you do to it! Sure, make it look nice, if you want, but the main part of this whole thing is a good mix between quality AND quantity! The more, the better, but we also want to see some talent here, too. The best will be chosen by a certain judge(s) and I (names to be confirmed later... Anastasia-R said she would, but since I was sick, I dunno... so, we'll see). Also, as mentioned earlier, you can make a banner, but only the first ten will be judged (separately) as this won't be a banner competition. The banners are just mainly for the top of the post.

1. There is to be no spamming, flaming, mini-modding, arguing, or even much discussion at all in this thread. Things like “Nice sprite!” are acceptable, but I really only expect feedback from others, complaints (hopefully none this year), and donations.
2. You may donate as many eggs as you so desire.
3. The egg must be a sprite, and can be AT MOST 200x200. Eggs don't need to be that big, okay?
***Rule doesn't apply to sprites that have more than one egg - varies in this case***
4. The egg must be saved as .png, or .gif if it has a transparent background or is animated.
5. Follow ALL forum rules.
6. Whining will not be permitted.
7. Donate again, and bona fortuna! (Good luck) ;D
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