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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13) (Chapter 7 can be read now!)

Originally Posted by ShionRasenka View Post
Wow, you had rework three chapters?? I feel bad for you, that must have been a pain, lol. I'm in the same boat with my own fic. I'm having to keep reworking it, which is why it hasn't been posted. But once I get it all settled and I write a few chapters, I'll post them.

And yes, an online friend of mine and I love to make our OCs squirm too. It's so fun. Shion will be in many a bad predicament she will, especially when dealing with her spaz of a little sister Shira. xDD

And you're thinking of a sequel, eh?? That sounds neat!! ^^ I doubt mine will, since it might be really long and ppl might be like: END IT ALREADY!! xDD
Yeah, it was a bit of pain. What I first had in mind just wasn't that great, and it irked me even after I finished planning the entire fic. I had to rework quite a few things before I liked the plan. I kept running into minor plotholes or stuff that just made you go "wtf?"

lol Man, I NEED to read your fic whenever you post it. Sounds like it will be very entertaining. xD

Yep. The first idea I got was interesting, but it would make the sequel too dark and horror-like for my taste. P: This other idea that popped into mind seems better, so I'll see what I can work out. The good thing is that I left the end of this story a bit open in where I can include a sequel without someone saying, "But MGA was ended with nothing to hint that it was going to continue."

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