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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Eeveedude View Post
I'm not a part of the Park Commitee but as a Ranger, I think that it would be an extremely good idea to create a mandatory rarity rate.

Suggestion: In the rate I think replacing rare with special (in the case of a special map) is sort of punishing the person using it. Because if you think about it that person is paying 5,000 bucks and I think its kind of a rip off to just replace special with Rare. Eli gave me this...

1=Legend, 2-3=Rare, 4-6=Intermediate, 7-10=Uncommon, 11-15=Common, (16=Special).

I think that's a pretty fair rate. Just my two cents. ^.^ *is shot*
^ I got that too, but with 1-5 Common, 6-9 Uncommon, etc...

Since no one I've taken has used the map, I haven't needed to deal with that yet. But I think I would just add a number 16 if it ever came across. Personally, this one here seems a bit more fair then the other old one. With this one, you will most likely get 5 commons, three uncommon, two intermediate, two rare and one legend (though the common seems to always be higher than five). With the other one you have way less of a chance to get a legend or a rare mon. But that's just my one and a half cents.

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