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Default Re: [PROJECT] Easter Egg Project '10 [4th Annual]

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
Doesn't GPX already do this... and they actually award a prize too.... STILL, MAYBE I WILL MAKE AN EGG!
As opposed to GPX+, this is an art collective, not a place where you can hatch eggs and collect Pokémon and whatnot. And if their copyright dates are correct, and it really is three years old, the EEP is a year older. =)

Originally Posted by Incandescent View Post
I like this one:

Egg in the center :p
all remade from the sprite.
Thanks! I'll add it soon!

Originally Posted by Ken View Post
Shouldn't this go in Art Contests? O.o

My entry:

^^ All done freehand (Except the egg shape)
Well, in the past three years the EEP and similar projects I've made (only one of them made it into the contest section, only because I made it a contest), none of the collective projects have ever been suggested or moved by a mod to go in the contest section. The primary function of the 'EEP is to collect sprite eggs to reach a goal, but it has two other, secondary functions that allow people to donate banners and receive prizes. And it's just a title; there's nothing special you really win, and it's not even so much something you win, either. It's just an observation of which egg I think is the best. But this year, we also have another judge... or judges. I still need to contact them to see if they're still in. (Anastasia-R is one of them... =])
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