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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post

EDIT2: Also, which threads do you guys think need to remain Stickied over there, and which ones could we possibly do without or combine with existing threads?
^ Touching on that sugject. I definitly think we have to keep the Park Question, Park Shop and the Sign-Up. Ranger List should be combined with the Park Encyclopedia, like it is with the refs. Park Rules is a good thing to keep stickied too =P
In the Ranger Logs thread-thing, I believe all those those should also be kept stickied.
And in the Pokemon RP area, just take out the Pokemon Claims and maybe move that the to Ranger Log area? Make it a bit less cluttered, especially if we gonna divide the Main RP threads. But wasn't that going to get its on sub-board?

And that's my other half cent P=

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