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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

Lance was much less worried with Espeon on his side. He watched with pride as Espeon performed every command and shrugged off Espeon's stumble seeing as Lance rarely found fault in his trusty starter. When Lance saw that Bronzor was preparing another Confuse Ray attack he formulated yet another combination of attacks.

Although in mid-battle, Lance remained calm as he communicated his commands to Espeon. After all the battles with his Espeon, they both formed similar battle strategies and as a result, they both agreed with each other's tactical decisions for the most part.

"Not a very creative pokemon," mumbled Lance to himself. If he was going to be successful in capturing this Bronzor he'd better think of something quick. "Espeon, use Psychic. This time, use it on one of the larger rocks that fell from the ceiling and bash Bronzor with it before it has the chance to send out its Confuse Ray. Then, while it's stunned, fire off another Shadow Ball attack and use Yawn to slow it down a bit."
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