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Default Individual RP: Zombie Muse


Ren sat against a large tree at the unofficial entrance to what had been known to be called Meteor Valley, playing cards with her trusty Golduck. She had her first evening shift today, escorting a young man named Titus through the valley, and had arranged to meet him at precisely 6pm. She had planned to get there fifteen minutes beforehand but unfortunately her watch had stopped that morning, so she ended up getting there almost an hour early. Not wanting to go back, she decided to take a rest before starting her mission.

"Got any threes?" she asked, and the Golduck shook its head, so Ren drew a card. The large blue duck squawked five times, to which she replied, "Nope, I do not have any fives. You may 'Go fish', as they say."

The Golduck rolled his eyes before drawing a card, but something off in the distance caught its attention. He dropped his cards and stood up, pointing to a tall curly haired blonde that was making his way up the hill.

"That must be Titus," Ren said, putting the cards away and getting up. She stretched her arms and legs out a bit then jogged over to meet him. "Hello there, you must be my trainer for the day. My name is Ren and I'll be your guide to Meteor Valley. Do you have any questions before we start?"

Trainer Stats
Trainer: Titus Oceanux
Location: Meteor Valley
Area Effects: None; 15 Encounters remaining

Trainer's Pokemon
Jolly M Arcanine w/Intimidate <In ball>
EMs: Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse, HP Fire, Solarbeam, Reflect, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Will-o-Wisp, Substitute, Swagger, Safeguard, Protect, Sunny Day, Morning Sun

Jolly F Togekiss w/Serene Grace <In ball>
EMs: Drain Punch, Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, T-wave

Hardy F Crobat w/Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: None

Total Items: x3 Hyper Balls, x2 Super Balls, x3 Park balls, Pokeplayer, Intermediate disc (Absol)
Pokemon Encountered: None
Pokemon Caught: None

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