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Default Re: Individual RP: Trainer17


"Bring up a Surf, and Double Team yourself to confuse that Growlithe!"

Concentrating on its Heat Wave, Growlithe hadn't noticed the incoming attack from Ludicolo. Instead of trying to attack, the puppy made the ball of heat on his mouth to melt the ice around the ground, as well as to evaporate some of the water. He waited a little longer, until he used it to sweep the ground.

Ludicolo rode the tidal wave he was riding from the whole battle, and smashed through battlefield. Water flooded down at first, until a fast evaporation surprised both sides. The high Surf attack subsided and revealed a tired Growlithe and five copies of Ludicolo, including himself, on the other side of the lake. The Heat Wave defrosted the ice around as well as lowering the Surf's power.

Growlithe, unable to recognize its true enemy, shot random Ember on the nearest copy of Ludicolo. As fast as the fireballs reached the copy's skin, it vanished into thin air, leaving four copies left for Growlithe to guess.


Name: Natsu Dragneel

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Total Items: 10x Park Ball, 5x Superball, 5x Max Potion, 5x Full Restore, 4x Pokedoll, 2x Semi-Heal Potion, 1x Heal Potion

Area effects: Wet floor. Ludicolo's three clones still existing.

Encounters remaining: 10

Current Wild Pokemon: Growlithe? (???)

Battle Stats:
Growlithe? = [7.05%] = [Speed +2]
Moves used: Heat Wave, Ember
Ludicolo? = [93.40%]
Moves used: Surf, Double Team

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon: Ludicolo [93.40%]
Nickname: -
Gender: Female
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Toxic, Ice Beam, Double Team, Substitute, Protect, Rain Dance, Attract, Grass Knot

Pokemon: Garchomp [100.00%]
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Brick Break, Poison Jab, Stone Edge, Substitute, Protect, Aerial Ace, Sleep Talk
BM/SM/MT: Scary Face, Outrage

Pokemon: Slowbro [100.00%]
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Ability: Own Tempo
Nature: Brave
TM/HM: Calm Mind, Counter, Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Hidden Power (Poison), Ice Beam, Surf, Thunder Wave, Trick Room
BM/SM/MT: Belly Drum

Pokemon encountered: Sandshrew, Rapidash/Magby, Bastiodon. Typhlosion, Growlithe

Pokemon captured:

OOC: Sorry for very late post! :<

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