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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer

OOC: Your gonna need to start describing things. If you don't these moves will do near nothing.


The green Scizor came into play. It stood with it's green glaze shining. The trainer told Scizor to use Bullet Seed. The Green Human shape like pokemon formed seeds in it's mouth and then released them flying at Absol. They were like Dodge balls flying at Absol. But Absol quickly evaded the tiny bullets as they didn't hit Absol while he was heading for Scizor using Quick Attack. Scizor was going to have to use his moves and strategy right or the Absol could cause some major damage. I hoped for the best as this was the trainers first visit to the National Park & to Meteor Valley.

Name: Shawn Harbitt

Location: Meteor Valley a.k.a. Section 8

Style: Individual

Encounters Remaining~14

Total Money: $1,500

Total Items:


Intermediate Disk x1

Type Repel (Psychic) x1

Hyper Ball x1

Super Balls x3

Park Ball x1

Pokemon Stats:

Scizor (M)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Technician
Special Moves: N/A
Health: 100%

Pichu (F)
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Static
Special Moves: N/A

Total Pokemon Encountered: Absol (You choose Gender/Nature)


Total Pokemon Captured:n/a

Hatch @ 309
Evolve @ 348
Lv 100 @ 594
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