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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing


I waited for quite a long while in the hall, seeing several trainers joining their rangers and leaving off for their destinations, but Nel was nowhere to be seen.

After waiting about another half an hour or so, I walked unto the reception and enquired if the trip had been cancelled or postponed.

Before I could receive an answer though, a familiar figure walked upto me, and asked me if I knew who his ranger was.

"Oh, so here you are, Nel," I said, "You're late," I said, with a slight coldness in my voice. "Actually, I'll be taking you to the Park this time."

After a hasty apology, we set off towards the Great Lakes.

"Since we're already so late," I said. "Let's not go by the carts. We'll ask Alakazam to teleport us straight to the Lakes."

I quickly called Alakazam out of my bag, and within a minute we were at the Lakes.

"Thanks a lot, Alakazam," I said to the psychic creature, and then called him back into his ball.

As we took a few steps forward, the sunlight almost blinded us.

"Hehe, good thing I brought sunglasses," I said, handing a pair to Nel, and wearing another myself.

"This area is really bright," I told Nel. "Not only do the sun rays fall directly for lack of any vegetation, the reflected light also adds to the brightness. Better keep those glasses on," I advised.

The lakes was a vast area, consisting of several lakes, both fresh and saltwater. There were several sand pathways constructed artificially for the purpose of moving about, and several floating platforms for battles.

"Let's get going, " I said, with a rush of adrenaline.


Name: Nel Death

Locations: Great Lakes

Items: 5 x Super Ball, 2 x Max Potion, 2 x Full Heal, 1 x Supreme Park ball, 1 x Mega Puffin

Area Effects:

Encounters Remaining: 15

Total Pokemon Encountered:

Total Pokemon Captured:

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon : Dragonite
Nickname: Drack
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Inner Focus
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Surf, HM Fly, Hidden Power (Poison)

Pokemon : Ludicolo
Nickname : Tad
Gender : Male
Nature : Playful
Ability: Swift Swim
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power(Ground)

Pokemon : Togekiss
Nickname: Pii
Gender : Female
Nature : Docile
Ability : Hustle
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Fly, Nasty Plot

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