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Default Re: =~|Blue Jello's RP|~=

Weepinbell started shaking and bouncing up and down like a dryer with too many towels in it. Then it blew tiny seed-like spores into the air toward the Porygon2. Immediately the soft, alluring scent of the Sleep Powder could be smelt and, though reluctant, I raised my shirt over my nose so as to avoid being put to sleep.

Porygon2 saw the spores drifting its way and started sucking in air. Before the spores reached Porygon2 however, it blew out an Icy Wind and blew the spores into another room. This allowed Weepinbell to fire its Razor Leaf attack with ease and they struck Poygon2. The razor sharp leaves had hurt the Virtual Pokemon however it still looked like it had plenty of energy to continue the fight.

Floating nearer, the group noticed that Porygon2 had become a tad bit sharper and pointier than before. Assuming it was on Blue’s mind, I reminded him, “That’s Porygon2’s ability Download. I guess it downloaded the Attack stat from your Weepinbell.

Porygon2 suddenly darted at Weepinbell with unimaginable speed. Weepinbell quickly prepared its Wrap in the case of Porygon2 getting close. Weepinbell shot out vines from beneath its leaves and moments before the attack hit, the red and blue Pokemon disappeared and reappeared right in front of Weepinbell and struck it with an Aerial Ace attack.

Name: Blue Jello
Money: $7,500
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Repellants: Poison
Encounters Remaining- 15
In Battle:
Danglin’ [~Weepinbell~] [Chlorophyll, Male, Gentle](No TMs)

Wild Porygon2 [Download, ???, ???]

Pokemon Stats:
Randoe [~Granbull~] [Intimidate, Female, Sassy]( TM Earthquake/ TM Roar/ TM Bulk Up/ TM Thunder Wave/ TM Attract)

BlueJello [~Ditto~] [Limber, ???, Jolly](No TMs)

Total Items: 2 Park Balls, 2 Hyper Balls, 1 Supreme Park Ball, 2 Max Potion, Ditto Costume, 1 Essence of Life Perfume

Total Pokemon Encountered: 1. Porygon 2

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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