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Default Re: Reffing FAQ

Me and Eeveedude just tested on Diamond whether Speed changes were immediate or not.

Monferno - 206
Heatran - 205
Uxie - 186
Togetic - 102

Monferno used Taunt on Uxie.
Heatran used Scary Face on Uxie. If Speed Changes were immediate, Uxie will now move last. But...
Uxie used Swift.
Togetic used Metronome.

Then, we double checked that Uxie was actually slower, and sure enough.

Monferno used Flame Wheel on Heatran for lulz.
Heatran used Crunch on Monferno.
Togetic used Metronome.
Uxie used Swift.

So, Speed changes do not take effect on the turn that Speed is changed.
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