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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Darkrai
Appearance: Darkrai...

A attacks:
AAA: Dark Pulse (Darkrai First does two punches and then hits them with a wave of darkness)
UpA: Uppercut
DwnA: Dark Void (Darkrai makes a portal on the ground and the opponent sleeps for 30- 40 seconds, and gets hit badly)
FwdA: Night Slash

Grab: Grabs the enemy with darkness and crushes them with it

B attacks:
B: Dark Ball ( Charges like lucario and then hits them)
Fwd B: Moonlight (Charges for 30 seconds and then heals all damage)
Up B: Teleport (Teleports to the sky and floats for a while if you want him to)
Dwn B: Scary Face (Stops the opponent for 10 seconds to attack)

Final Smash: Nightmare
Darkrai stops time, and puts the opponent to sleep. A dark portal appears and the player falls into it, then Darkrai Uses Judgement (Its a dream) and gives the opponent serious damage when he wakes up.

How to Unlock: You must beat subspace 30 times, then you will fight Darkrai as any pokemon character. If you win you get Darkrai, if you lose you must beat subspace again to get him.

Description after unlocking: Get ready for true nighmares.


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