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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

((Okay I was gonna wait for Kire to check in before I started anything but after talking to Jackson and Bee I figured it'd be best to post something so we don't fall too far behind.))

Location: Just outside Botanical Gardens (Map)
Rangers: Hyacinth, Jax and Ren
Trainers: Rowan, Cameron, Sec, Mordecai and Kirenthidae

Ren yawned, taking another sip of steaming coffee from her thermos as she checked her watch. It was 7:42 in the morning and she had been awake since 4, called in to assist an understaffed Ranger Outpost with an emergency on what was supposed to be a morning off. But, she told herself, a Ranger's work was never done, and she had to be dedicated if she wanted to do a good job. This morning several more baby Pokemon had been brought in, all in serious condition, so she had been called in to give the Park Medics an extra hand.

She sighed. More than half of the Pokemon that had been brought in that morning had died, all of them born prematurely with serious health problems and unusual behavior, and no one, not even the Head Ranger had a clue as to why. The Park's best scientists were hard at work but the information they currently had was limited, and everyday there were more casualties, so Rangers were being sent out to find out more information and help out as many Pokemon as they could. She was surprised when she had been assigned to help out an Elite Ranger with such an important task and even more shocked when she learned that they would be taking trainers along for the ride. This was a dangerous mission- wasn't that a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

The caffeine was finally starting to kick in so she was a bit more awake, but she had still arrived at the designated meeting spot much too early and had been the first to arrive. A message on her phone warned her that Hyacinth, who would be leading this expedition, was caught up assisting the medics with some injured Pokemon at the Great Lakes and would possibly be a little late, so that left her and her friend Jax in charge of several trainers until he arrived.

She opened her phone and found the email that told her which trainers would be accompanying them. She had seen all of their names in the big schedule board that was used to give out Ranger assignments more than once, so at least these were all trainers who were dedicated and had enough experience inside the Park to know what it was like. Hopefully they would be an asset and not a hindrance to her and the other Rangers.

Feeling lonely she reached into her bag and pulled out two Pokeballs, releasing her Golduck and Ariados to keep her company. The tall bipedal blue duck and the large poisonous spider both looked more serious than usual, as if they could sense that something was very, very wrong with the natural balance of the Park, and this worried her.

"Hopefully someone else will arrive soon," she said to her Pokemon, who both leaned up against the rock she was sitting on.

((Gah, it's about to storm and I've gotta go. In the mean time, POST.))

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