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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

Mordecai Hawthorn unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up the sleeves of his white, striped button-down shirt as he walked down the track towards the Ranger Outpost, his massive orange dragon-like Charizard, Firaga, at his side. He looked straight ahead through his gleaming square glasses, seeing two women. He walked up to them and halted, strangely holding his arm up in front of his Charizard to stop her.

We heard one of the women say to her Pokemon, "Vom fi ajutānd copilul Pokemon astăzi. Ai fi cel mai bine cu privire la comportamentul tău cel mai bun."

Romanian, Mordecai thought. Interesting.

He turned to her and said, "Romāneşti. Interesant. Aştept cu nerăbdare să lucrez cu tine, dor." And he gave her a small smile.

Mordecai then turned towards the general direction of the two, moving his head occasionally between them as one does when speaking to more than one person.

"Greetings. I am Mordecai Hawthorn," he began with a smirk and a nod. "Beside me is my Charizard, Firaga. She suffers from a complete form of Retinitis Pigmentosa, and is therefore entirely blind. She senses the world around her using her fantastic smell and her control and sense of heat. I assumed she would be a valued companion on our journey. So," he said, clapping his hands together and smiling broader, his glasses gleaming as though in an anime. "Where are the others?"
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