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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

Sec stared off at the tiny figures standing in a group in the distance as he zoomed towards them through the air. Sitting atop a flying Metagross, who’s legs had swung up and attached to the top of its head to allow it to fly, was a boy of a bout sixteen, with long blonde hair hanging in front of his eyes and a many-colored, unzipped hoodie with the sleeves rolled up flowing in the wind behind him.

”Hup!” he grunted as he jumped from atop his risen Iron Leg Pokemon and slammed his soles into the ground next to two of the trainers standing nearby. “Hi guys, I’m Sec!” he tried to introduce himself.

The two other trainers standing there seemed to be talking in some odd language that he couldn’t understand; they were so wrapped up in their foreign discussion that they completely ignored Sec’s introduction.

”Um… Hi…” he tried again, though nobody heard him still.

Getting irritated, Sec called upon his Metagross to land, whilst creating an Earthquake. The floating steel Pokemon slammed its legs into the ground next to its trainer and shook up the entire area. The small tremor finally disengaged the other two trainers and caught their attention, as well as the attention of the team's ranger and another trainer who were talking a few yards away.

”Hi! I’m Sec!” he tried for the last time, knowing now that he wouldn’t have to repeat himself again.

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