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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
I hope the new legendaries are related to something new - Like mythical gods and stuff. The whole region should relate to mythology, dragons, gods, heroes and villians that all appeared in folktale should have a pokemon counterpart.
i.e. Zeus is a legendary pokemon.
Though I will be honest that that would be nice, I think that Arceus is supposed to be the counterpart of Zeus as it is the King of the Gods of Space, Time, and Antimatter and knows Judgment (though not really a counterpart of Zeus's Lightning Bolts; however Thunder seems to fit the parallel). Dusclops is possibly a minor parallel to the Cyclops and Rayquaza can be considered a parallel to a Chinese mythical dragon (well in a vague sense) as where dragons shoot flame, Rayquaza shoots Hyper Beams.
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