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Default Re: Pokelord's Reffing Records

Masami vs Flammenwerfer vs Bumblebee16 vs Siberian Tiger vs Lord Khajmer vs HKim vs Brizer

1 mon each
Hit-all hit one
No Sleep moves (including Rest)
No Evasion
No Holds
No Perish Song/Destiny Bond
Auto Taunt

Masami with Alakazam (6)
Flammenwerfer with Flygon (4)
Bumblebee16 with Slaking (2)
ST with Gallade (1)
Lord Khajmer with Vulpix (7)
HKim with Umbreon (3)
Brizer with Snorlax (5)

Slaking could have won if it had attacked instead of using Counter D:

Lord Khajmer gets $1000.
Masami gets $1000.
Brizer gets $1000.
Flammenwerfer gets $1500.
HKim gets $2000.
Bumblebee gets $2500.
Siberian Tiger wins and gets $3000.
I should get $3500 for reffing.

Salary: $37,000

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