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Default Re: The Search for HIM

Entry II

Lucas grunted in pain as he searched the dead body. He was pretty bruised up from the fight, but he had to ignore the pain. This was because he had just found a small, strange black liquid where the head would have been on the dead carcass. Lucas raised his eyebrows in interest and pulled a small plastic tub from his cloak. As soon as the liquid was in the small tub, it began to jump around in anger. He was quite taken aback from this. The liquid was actually alive. But, what would He be doing with it? How did He come to own this mysterious creature? Lucas shook his head and sighed and watched the black liquid attack the sides of the small tub.

Lucas walked over to the Lycan bodies. He remembered that there was a strange metal glint on the back of one of their heads, so he began to inspect the bodies. What Lucas found shocked him greatly.
“No...” A small circular piece of metal was attached to the back of the head of the Lycan and an ancient symbol was embedded into it. The symbol meant 'Bounty Searchers'. Lucas hesitated, and quickly checked the other bodies. They all had the same symbol. He cursed and quickly backed away.
“How the hell...? Why am I being hunted?” Then he figured it out. It was Him. He was blaming the murders on Lucas. They must have been sent from Him.
“Dammit!” Lucas shouted. Footsteps could be heard in the distance, so Lucas ran in the opposite direction to the noises. He had to get back to the hotel room.


Lucas slammed the door shut behind him, throwing his cloak onto the bed. He began to curse and mumble repeatedly. Then, he sat himself down on the edge of his bed, head in his hands.
“How could this happen? Why did I not see this coming?” He asked himself, thinking out loud. Lucas panicked at times, but only when things were going wrong, or when something bad was happening. At this point of time, it was something bad happening, with a mix of things going wrong.

Lucas got up and walked into the Bathroom, and began to splash water on his face. He looked in the mirror and took in deep breaths, to calm himself down. He noticed his Blonde hair was turning a tinge of black, due to being thrown about by that Lycan Leader. So, Lucas decided to have a shower. Knowing the risk of the renting price going up by another 100, Lucas got into the shower and cleaned himself thoroughly.


September 8th... make that the 9th 2199 Location:- London
Tonight was rough, or should I say last night? When I left earlier it was 11:02pm. Now it's 1:17am. I guess I should get some rest, but one thing stays on my mind... What is this black liquid? I'm sitting here, looking at it bouncing on the walls of the tub. It looks aggressive... I wonder what it is. If it came from Him, what has He become? I can't bear to think about it. I shouldn't even worry for Him. After all, I am going to kill him. He has killed innocent people, and has framed me for it. All I can think about is Justice being served...
Anyway... Goodnight.


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