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Default Re: Individual RP;; Metallic Houndoom

I knew Focus Punch wouldn't be able to hit right away and with Delibird paralyzed it would probably take even longer. "Quick Porygon! Use Hidden Power to knock it down and make it lose its focus. Use Discharge at the same time and combine the attacks."

Porygon-Z quickly reacted and made a strange whirring noise. Several balls of mysterious green light appeared and Porygon, surrounding its body. Porygon-Z also created a large amount of electricity. It made a high pitched screeching noise and unleashed the two attacks at the same time. Lightning bolts flew in every direction and the green Hidden Power flew towards the penguin Pokemon. As the Hidden Power neared Delibird the balls turned to steel. Electricity surged around the metal balls giving it both electric and steel power.

OCC: No worries. I understand. I'm fine with you XD

Credit to EmBreon
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