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Default Individual RP: Sec

OOC: Sorry for the wait. D:


Ranger Jax
The Woods

The sun was low in the sky, the very top of it only just visible over the canopy of trees. Small pieces of sky could be seen through the thick layer of branches and leaves, the oranges and yellows so rich they would put even the wealthiest man to shame. I looked up at the beautiful scene before me and sighed happily. Even though I was still on duty, it was so relaxing out here and Jasper, my Raichu, seemed to agree with me. He was laying across my lap, eyes half open, most likely daydreaming about something or other. I patted him gently on the head, and said softly, "Come on, boy, we gotta move."

Although neither of us wanted to, we had no choice. We were working the night shift tonight, and there was a trainer coming to the Woods. Nobody usually visited the Park during the night, so I was surprised to hear we'd be needed. Still, it was extra money; overtime shifts paid nicely. I felt kind of bad for whoever we were guiding, though. The Woods were a bit scary at the best of times, and they certainly wouldn't be much fun in the dark. It could even be dangerous.

"We'd better be on our toes tonight, Jasper," I muttered, not even really speaking to my Raichu but rather thinking aloud. I clicked my fingers and he hurried to my side as we began walking back to the entrance of the Woods Outpost. We'd be meeting him there first. Apparently his name was Sec - I'd received a call from HQ with all the information.

It wasn't long before we arrived, but there was no sign of Sec yet. We'd wait for a while, of course, he was probably just running a little late or something.


Trainer Stats

Trainer: Sec
Location: Woods
Area Effects: The sun is low in the sky, it will be getting dark soon.
Encounters Remaining: 16

Current Wild Pokemon: N/A

Pokemon Encountered: N/A
Pokemon Captured: N/A

Items: Max Potion (x5), Full Heal (x2), Parkball (x4), Superball (x4), Hyperball (x3), Perfume: Night Stalker (x1), Baby Teeth (x1), Drifblim Costume (x1), Pokeplayer (x1), Scyther Pokeplayer Disc (x1)

Pokemon Stats

Infernape ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Male / Blaze / Modest
TM: Brick Break, Earthquake, Grass Knot, Hidden Power(Ground), Roar, Shadow Claw, Sleep Talk, Solarbeam, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Swords Dance, Will-O-Wisp
BM: Fake Out, Thunderpunch

Metagross ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Genderless / Clear Body / Hardy
TM: Brick Break, Earthquake, Explosion, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, Hidden Power(Dragon), Protect, Psych Up, Shadow Ball, Substitute
BM: Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Trick
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