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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

Ranger Jax
Outside Botanic Gardens

"Damn it!" I cursed, pounding the table with my fist. "I'm gonna be late and Hyacinth is still tied up with the Medics." I regretted hitting the table so hard and rubbed my red, throbbing hand. Besides, there wasn't much point in getting worked up over it all, it couldn't be helped. For some reason, Pokemon had been hatching from eggs way too early lately, and the poor little things were so underdeveloped that sometimes you could barely recognise what species they were. Their tiny organs couldn't support their bodies and just failed. All available Rangers had been called in at a moment's notice to assist, whether it be with the retrieval of eggs and hatched Pokemon, or with the medical core in the care of the Pokemon. Many died within minutes of reaching the Intensive Therapy Unit. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

I'd been assisting the medics myself, before being asked on a special mission. My Togekiss and Umbreon's Wish technique came in handy, as well as my Jumpluff's Sleep Powder, and Yanmega and Gengar's Hypnosis for calming and soothing unsettled Pokemon. Hyacinth had been with a different medical team to me, but he had to remain behind for now, which left Ren and myself to take a group of five trainers to retrieve more eggs and endangered Pokemon, and explore the cause of this phenomenon. It was ridiculous of HQ to expect us to conduct this mission without an Elite Ranger accompanying us, but we'd just have to manage with one for now. I was confident in my abilities, as well as Ren's, but this could still get complicated, not to mention dangerous. Just to be safe, I'd brought the maximum of six Pokemon along with me, more than my usual few, all with a variety of abilities and techniques. I was confident that, no matter what was thrown at us, Ren and I could handle it.

"Speaking of Ren, I should probably go meet her," I sighed to myself, remembering again that I was late. Grabbing my jacket off the back of the chair, I bolted out the door and hurried down the pathway, the dry dusty ground skidding beneath my feet. Before long I reached the Gardevoir at the end of the footpath, ready to Teleport anybody who needed to get anywhere.

I nodded out of courtesy, before saying "Botanic Gardens please," and touching her hand. She closed her eyes and grasped my hand with both of hers. There was a flash of bright white light, and I opened my eyes to find myself staring at knee-high grass with patches of petunias and magnolias everywhere. The blades flickered around in the breeze like a flag in a gale. I turned and saw Ren, leaned up against a rock, surrounded by what appeared to be the trainers we were guiding. It looked like they'd been talking for a while now. Good, they all knew who the others were then, all introduced. One less job for me.

I started running over towards them, calling to my fellow ranger. "Ren, hey Ren! I'm here now!" I finally reached them, and introduced myself to the trainers and their Pokemon. "I'm Ranger Jax," I panted, "and I'll be assisting Ren today."
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