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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer

"Heh, they look like they're enjoying themselves."

Scizor's eyes gleamed with the passion of the fight. It's brawling spirit was brewing beneath the cold, green armor. It wanted to win.

"Alright Scizor, let's do another combo. Use Bullet Punch and X Scissor! But this time, propel yourself with Vacuum Wave."

The wings ceased to move. Scizor stood in its place. Then, without warning, its pincers glowed. The right was a stern silver, the left was a radiant green. Its wings then started to beat again, albeit not as fast as they were before. If anything, they were going at the same rate as a Doduo running across a field. It was hovering above the uneven gravel.

It stretched out its arms, the pincers making a dazzling light. It started spinning in its place. Slowly, at first, but it soon picked up speed. Now, it was twirling as fast as several Voltorb rolling downhill. Then quickly, it stopped and shot itself at the black and white creature. It was faster then it ever was. Its right arm was readying for a punch, while the left was about to make a clean X-style slash. The stones underneath it were steaming up, while the grass and leaves started smoking. It was so fast it was heating up the little area.

It looked like this one was going to hurt.

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