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Default Re: Record of hot & spicy battles

1v1v1v1v1v1v1 ~ 14 people
Helds Off
Normal Terrain
No Weather
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause
Hit all Hits one
No Perish Song
Normal FFA

Marth vs Sheepskinfutton vs Gun vs Mitsuzo-Kun vs Pichuboy vs Metallic Houndom vs Fierce Diety vs PK vs Gamedude vs Flammenwarfer vs Stinky vs TheEvilDookie vs SiberianTiger vs BlueJello
Rampardos vs Dusknoir vs Bibarel vs Empoleon vs Persian vs Raichu vs Alakazam vs Metagross vs Gyarados vs Flygon vs Empoleon vs Starmie vs Alakzam vs Meganium

If I am to leave any words of advice to the newer members, it is to make as many allies as possible and also dont get tricked by more experienced members. Manipulation is bad, unless you are manipulating

Marth: $1000
MH: $1000
ST: $1000
FW: $1500
MK: $2000
Gun: $2500
BJ: $3000
TeD: $3500
FD: $4000
Sheep: $4500
GD: $5000
Jackson: $5500
Stinky: $6000
Me: $6500

TOTAL PAY: $25000

I made Soviet Bidoof, Jokester Jesse made this kick@$$ banner.
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