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Default Re: Easter Mission: The Bad Egg Hunt- Team 1

Cameron Ryker

I saw another person running towards us. I also saw that he was wearing a ranger outfit and guessed that he was joining in on our expedition. I figured that whatever we were going up against was going to be difficult. Why else would they have more than one Ranger. It just bothered me that I didn't know the exact details, but then again, maybe the Rangers had no clue either.

"Ren, hey Ren! I'm here now!" The ranger called out. When he finally reached is, he introduced himself to us. "I'm Ranger Jax," He announced, a little out of breath, "and I'll be assisting Ren today."

"Well hello there!" I said to the both Rangers, and the rest of the group. "I am Cameron, here with me is Shadow." He let out a friendly bark and flicked his tail twice. "We are here to help out with this 'find and detain' mission!" I looked around and waited to see what these Rangers had to say, hoping we would soon find out what exactly was going on. Whatever it was, I knew we were ready for it.
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