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Default Re: Individual RP: Khaj

((Sorry this took so long.))

Shadow let out a ghoulish laugh as he slashed open his arm, revealing an odd purple ooze that had to be blood (regardless of whether ghosts could actually bleed). He dashed forward through the snowstorm and managed to strike Swinub with his bloody hand. The oozy blood quickly absorbed into her fur and slowly began to take over her body. The tiny pig let out a squeal and began running around frantically, which fortunately for her allowed her to dodge the Toxic loogie that Shadow had tried to hit her with.

As the ghost Pokemon floated back over to his trainer and closed his eyes, quickly falling into a deep, restorative sleep. Swinub, who didn't understand why Shadow would take a nap in the middle of their battle, let out a cheerful oink as she charged towards him and jumped into the air, chomping down on Shadow's arm. Her tiny little teeth weren't able to hold on for long though, so she lost her grip and rolled to the ground. Within seconds of hitting the snow covered ground she scooped up a pile of muddy snow with her tongue and swished it around in her mouth, creating a ball. Swinub spat out the mud ball with great force and it basically exploded on impact, causing Shadow to wince in pain, but the Gengar was not yet ready to wake up from its meditative sleep.

Swinub let out several triumphant oinks but then began to glow purple, all the muscles in her tiny body contracting. She let out a terrible shriek as Shadow's curse had finally began to take effect.

Wild Pokemon

Jolly F Swinub w/Snow Cloak (Bite & Mud Bomb)
43% CRS

Trainer Stats

Trainer: Khajmer
Location: Mt. Oktori base
Area Effects: The snow is coming down hard.
Encounters: 14

Trainer's Pokemon

Rash F Dragonite w/ Inner Focus <In ball>
EMs: Brick Break, Earthquake, Protect, Thunderbolt, Stone Edge, Substitute, Roar, Surf, Waterfall, Fly

Sassy M Gengar w/ Levitate <In battle> (Odor Sleuth'd)
EMs: Substitute, Sludge Bomb, HP Dark, Taunt, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Torment, Attract, Rest, Energy Ball, Will-o-wisp, Explosion, Focus Blast, Sleep Talk
79% SPD-1 SLEEP-1

Gentle F Vulpix w/ Flash Fire <In ball>
EMs: Toxic, Dig, Return, Attract, Secret Power

Items: 5 Park Balls; 2 Super Balls; 1 Hyper Ball; Pokeplayer; Snorunt Voice Disk
Pokemon Encountered: Swinub
Pokemon Caught:

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