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Default Pokérus Empire Clan Shop

Earn your $$ in Pokerus Empire in any of the following ways to attain the pokemon/items in the clan shop.

*Joining will get you: 8
*Adding to the clan shop: 10
*Banners/Recruiting/Battling(InClan)/Helping with teams: 10
*Clan War-Win: 15
*Clan War-Lose: 8
*Advance to the next Tier: Depending what Tier you advance into you will ear different $$.
*Advancing into tier IV Harbinger: 13
*Advancing into tier III Apostles: 20
*Advancing into tier II OTP: 40
*Advancing into tier I Monarch: 50

rates may change at anytime due to inflation or the lack there of.

Barter System
Mr420 $1297
Akai Shizuku $17o6
Six Paths $381
Lost Soul $7o6
Iruka $88
TheKid $7o1
poochyenawolf $273
Buttetsu Batou $190
Save Trees $ 98
Diagon $ 1o8
Tsujin $ 238
RingtownRangerGREGORY $ 38
Godot $ 28
zlpqlz $ 28
Puh-tree-cee-oh $38


To donate into the Pokerus Empire Clan Shop YOU MUST do the following. Failure will result in my somehow not seeing your submission.
1) Be a Pokerus Empire Clan member.
2)Gif or sprite of pokemon with
nick name if it has one, @ level
Nature / Ability
Stats all 6.
Evs if you know them.
3) Legitimacy of all pokemon MUST be disclosed upon submission.

Pokérus Empire

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