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Default Re: Masters of Cinema

Movie Title:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Year Released:
Thor Freudenthal

Zachary Gordon - Greg Heffley
Robert Capron - Rowley Jefferson
Rachel Harris - Susan Heffley
Steve Zahn - Frank Heffley
David Bostick - Rodrick Heffley
Chole Mortez - Angie Steadman

A kid named Greg Heffley starts his first day of middle school. His older brother terrorizes him about it. He goes in and sees that most of the kids there pretty much changed over the summer. A great way of promoting that we are maturing at a much earlier age with each generation than we should be. Greg's mother buys him a diary Journal, to keep his middle school memories in. So the story continues, within the first week it begins to show the horrors of middle school. Bigger bullies, tougher challenges, awkward feelings, and strange superstitions. Lets not forget the mold-festering cheese on the blacktop in the playground. Greg decided to make himself the popular kid in school by doing a bunch of tasks to help the school and make himself look good. In the process of this, he wrecks a truck, breaks his best friend's arm, drops some kids in a hole, and gets beaten up by a girl. So overall, he becomes popular, but not the good kind of popular. The popular you get by being the biggest failure in school. Eventually he comes to realize that popularity isn't everything. So his reputation diminishes, and he becomes just an ordinary kid in middle school that no one really cares about.


Well put together, for a movie based on a book. Throwing the typical middle school antics in with a somewhat logical point of view. You kinda feel like you know what the character goes through in it, especially if you've been in those kinds of situations before, as I have. Basically losing the trust of my best friend, and then kind of working to get it all back. At any rate. I didn't read the book, so this review is just from a viewers standpoint.


For a bunch of little kids, they're good. I mean I'm sure one scene probably took a whole day just cause they'd mess up a lot. But I mean it's not like rowley was a scrawny serious person who failed his role. Nah.. he was a slightly obese kid with a jolly nature. As he was supposed to be. I think the Actors did their parts well. Of course as I said, not read the book so I don't really know.

CGI Animation:

Not much to cover here, some cartoony drawings and animations through out the movie, simple and plain. Not over-the-top OMGWTFBBQ stuff like Alice in Wonderland.


Kid goes to middle school. Kid learns things. Kid loses best friend over his own stupidity. Kid continues to be stupid. Kid is humbled by bullies. Kid regains best friend. Typical middle school lifestyle for a "wimpy kid." I've been there, I can actually relate to the movie that I watched..


I liked it. I went and paid 4 dollars to watch a little kid's movie. I'm going to read the book, rewatch the movie, and then give another review. But I may not have to, as I based my opinions on what I watch not what I read. But if they're basing it off a book I guess I have to. If this was an original film with no books behind it, I would probably give this movie a 7/10 cause I only got a couple of laughs out of it, but the little ones loved it, they'd have probably given it a 10.
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