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Default Re: /l Individual RP: Stinky l\

The cave was murky and Jake was beginning to wonder what the cause of his boss’s urgency was. He seemed frustrated when he told me to fetch Ranger Ash. Lately it had been a common procedure. A ranger would seem light and cheery at the beginning of their journey through the National Park. Soon after, the same ranger would quickly grow tired of the daunting task which they themselves had accepted in the first place and eventually their tiredness was exemplified through their poor efforts.

Jake assumed this was another case of the same problem. He vowed that he would not make his new trainer's visit at the National Park any more tedious than it has been. The main thing on his mind was wondering how he would find his trainer in the dark cave he currently found himself in. Suddenly, he heard voices coming from deeper in the cave and there seemed to be light. Jake overheard someone saying, "I think I'd like to get out of this cave..." and soon after, "Well, I guess we should get going then."

Upon hearing the voices, Jake ran toward them and soon after found the two conversers. “Hey Ash! It sounds like the boss needs you down at the Ranger station.” Turning to the trainer and his Gengar Jake continued, “I’m really sorry for all of the Ranger changes, I promise I’ll be your last ranger. Now I believe I heard you say that you wanted to leave this cave and honestly, I do to.”

With that, the two trotted out the entrance of the cave. Upon stepping out into the light, Jake’s eyes needed time to refocus. First what Jake saw was only a blur of brown. Gradually the brown blur evolved into a clearer brown hump, and then an even more pristine hairy pokemon. Before him, about 6 yards away, trotting across the snow covered and icy gravel was a big fat Piloswine.

“Well, Bob Miller, it seems that you’re coming into the final stretch of your journey and finding something like Piloswine is pretty lucky. Are you interested or would you rather pass?”
Name: Bob Miller
Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects: Icy Ground
Repellants: None
Encounters Remaining- 5
[~Gengar~] [Levitate, F, Jolly](Thunderbolt ; Explosion ; Taunt ; Sludge Bomb ; Will-o-Wisp ; HP Dragon ; Substitute ; Attract ; Psych Up ; Toxic ; Protect ; Energy Ball ; Snatch ; Focus Punch ; Psychic ; Torment ; Counter ; Ice Punch ; Rest ; Giga Drain ; Focus Blast ; Sleep Talk ; Fire Punch ; Skill Swap ; Trick Room ; Icy Wind)

[~Bronzong~] [Levitate, M, Jolly](Trick Room; Charge Beam; Flash Cannon; HP Ground ; Stealth Rock ; Protect ; Grass Knot ; Earthquake ; Explosion ; Calm Mind ; Shadow Ball ; Dream Eater ; Rock Slide ; Rest ; Sleep Talk ; Toxic ; Light Screen ; Reflect ; Rock Tomb ; Psych Up ; Psychic ; Rock Polish ; Substitute )

[~Togekiss~] [Serene Grace, F, Gentle](Flamethrower ; HP Psychic ; Thunder Wave ; Shadow Ball ; Attract ; Water Pulse ; Protect ; Roost ; Shock Wave ; Psychic ; Grass Knot ; Double Team ; Substitute ; Psych Up ; Fire Blast ; Reflect ; Light Screen ; Toxic ; Sleep Talk ; Nasty Plot ; Psycho Shift ; Counter ; Tri-Attack ; Trick)

Total Items: Type Repellent x3, Hyper Ball x3, Park Ball x10, Hyper Repellant, Supreme Parkball

Total Pokemon Encountered: Walrien, Smoochum, Spheal, Machop, Machop, Machop, Spheal, Regigigas, Sneasel, Piloswine

Total Pokemon Captured:
Sneasel [M, Rash]

OOC// If I got any of the stats messed up, TELL ME. That is all. :)
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