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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing


Nel picked up the ball, now containing Poliwrath and then looked with a look of pity on his face towards the lake. I thought he was wondering where the Poliwags had gone.

"Don't worry Nel, they're used to such things," I said, hoping this would cheer Nel up a bit.

He then proceeded to heal his Dragonite with a Max Potion. The spray hurt the dragon, who winced in pain, but the wounds on Dragonite's body disappeared also disappeared instantaneously. However, his left wing still remained frozen, still hindering its ability to fly.

Meanwhile, Togekiss' wish came true as well. The triangles on her body stopped glowing, but the Wish hadn't been able to work completely. Togekiss didn't have much energy left, and thus the Wish wasn't as successful as it should have been. Still, Togekiss looked much more refreshed.

When Nel recalled his Pokemon into their balls, he turned towards me.

"So, where would you like to go next?" I asked.


Name: Nel Death

Locations: Great Lakes

Items: 5 x Super Ball, 1 x Max Potion, 2 x Full Heal, 1 x Mega Puffin

Area Effects:

Encounters Remaining: 13

Total Pokemon Encountered: Chinchou, Poliwrath

Total Pokemon Captured: Female Rash Poliwrath (9.62%)

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon : Dragonite
Health: 100% (Left wing frozen)
Nickname: Drack
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Inner Focus
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Surf, HM Fly, Hidden Power (Poison)

Pokemon : Ludicolo
Health: 100%
Nickname : Tad
Gender : Male
Nature : Playful
Ability: Swift Swim
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power(Ground)

Pokemon : Togekiss
Health: 70.31%
Nickname: Pii
Gender : Female
Nature : Docile
Ability : Hustle
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Fly, Nasty Plot


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