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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

Fly to Canalave city. Then go down to the sailor that leads you to iron
island. Then, from there, DONT talk to him. Go to the house on his left.
There should be a sick boy. Talk to him and his mother. He is Sort of
interesting. He says," watching me..." I've figured its
Darkrai, the EVENT pokemon that gives you nightmares. After that, go to the
sailor again. Talk to him and he will get you to fullmoon island. Follow the
short path, and you will eventually see Cresselia. Cresselia, unfortunatley,
flys away, and leaves the lunar wing behind. Get the lunar wing, go back to
the sick boy, and talk to him. He will wake up. Now you can find cresselia on
the marking map!!

Its level 50, flees, and has a very low catch rate, so it will take some persistence.
Mine didn't ddo this. Do you have to beat the E4 or something?
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