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Default Re: /l Individual RP: Stinky l\

Gengar looked super excited at the idea of battling. It obeyed its trainer and bowed to the Tyrogue like an ancient samurai of some kind. It had a large toothy smile on its face that sent a chill down Jake’s back, but Tyrogue didn’t seem to mind it, and politely bowed back to Gengar.

The Tyrogue looked confident and that was good, however Jake couldn’t help but feel that the Tyrogue wouldn’t have a chance against the Bob Miller’s powerful Gengar. Acting upon its trainer’s command, Gengar began forming a ball of venomous sludge in its hands.

Meanwhile, the Tyrogue ran up to the wall of Mt. Oktori and began speedily pounding away with dozens of Bullet Punches. Gengar, having charged up enough sludge, hurled the attack at Tyrogue and slammed it into the mountain. Tyrogue looked like it had received quite a bit of damage however it also packed the final punch to the wall. Suddenly about six boulders began tumbling down the side of the mountain and if Bob Miller didn’t act quickly, they would smash right into his Gengar.

“Wow it looks like that whole time, Tyrogue was planning a Rock Slide attack,” thought Jake as he watched the boulders roll closer and closer.

Name: Bob Miller
Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects: Icy Ground
Repellants: None
Encounters Remaining- 5
[Wild Tyrogue] [Steadfast, M, ???] (Upcoming attacks: Rock Slide)

[~Gengar~] [Levitate, F, Jolly](Thunderbolt ; Explosion ; Taunt ; Sludge Bomb ; Will-o-Wisp ; HP Dragon ; Substitute ; Attract ; Psych Up ; Toxic ; Protect ; Energy Ball ; Snatch ; Focus Punch ; Psychic ; Torment ; Counter ; Ice Punch ; Rest ; Giga Drain ; Focus Blast ; Sleep Talk ; Fire Punch ; Skill Swap ; Trick Room ; Icy Wind)

Other Pokemon~
[~Bronzong~] [Levitate, M, Jolly](Trick Room; Charge Beam; Flash Cannon; HP Ground ; Stealth Rock ; Protect ; Grass Knot ; Earthquake ; Explosion ; Calm Mind ; Shadow Ball ; Dream Eater ; Rock Slide ; Rest ; Sleep Talk ; Toxic ; Light Screen ; Reflect ; Rock Tomb ; Psych Up ; Psychic ; Rock Polish ; Substitute )

[~Togekiss~] [Serene Grace, F, Gentle](Flamethrower ; HP Psychic ; Thunder Wave ; Shadow Ball ; Attract ; Water Pulse ; Protect ; Roost ; Shock Wave ; Psychic ; Grass Knot ; Double Team ; Substitute ; Psych Up ; Fire Blast ; Reflect ; Light Screen ; Toxic ; Sleep Talk ; Nasty Plot ; Psycho Shift ; Counter ; Tri-Attack ; Trick)

Total Items: Type Repellent x3, Hyper Ball x3, Park Ball x10, Hyper Repellant, Supreme Parkball

Total Pokemon Encountered:
1. Walrien 2. Smoochum 3. Spheal 4. Machop 5. Machop 6. Machop 7. Spheal 8. Regigigas 9. Sneasel 10. Piloswine 11. Tyrogue

Total Pokemon Captured:
Sneasel [M, Rash]
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