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Default This is gonna be a 5-parter, since it has 5 games and don't wanna waste posts

Title: Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (SFA1, 2, 2Gold, 3/Upper, Pocket Fighter)
Artist: I dk, not getting anything
Platform: Playstation Jew
Favorite Song: hurrr idk

Street Fighter Alpha

Fitting-in: Pretty much your SFA fare, though some of the songs have a little less quality to them when accompanied to their characters.7/10

Originality: Pretty much Ken's, Ryu's, Sagat's, Chun-li's, Bison's and Akuma's themes are from the past SSFIIT, mixed differently. Guy's is from Final Fight, stage 1, remixed as well. All the others (Charlie's, Rose's, and Dan's) are new. btw Birdie's and Adon's themes are from the first SF, but you didn't notice this because all the matches lasted 2-4 seconds. Sodom's theme is new as well, being as from the same game as Guy. 9/10

Diversity: A lot of diversity, but there could be more, bro. 6/10

Nostalgia Value: Wouldn't say much nostalgia, compared to our next game... 4/10

Overall: 6.5?/10.

Closing comments: Guy is broken. VERY broken in this game.

Street Fighter Alpha 2


Fitting-in: Much like the last time, only Sakura's theme fits in well with her schoolgirl type theme. 9/10

Originality: The returning character's themes are from the same game, although with different synths and such. Sounds better here, bro. Also, Zangief's theme is also redone in a more snazzier mix. Also, new stage theme (the one in the opening where Ryu and Ken are, on a grassland like stage) has another remix of Sagat's theme. 8/10

Diversity: read above review post +6 6/10

Nostalgia Value: Better sound quality, better synths, more catchier, yes. 10/10

Overall Value: 8.25/10

Closing Comments: FFFF yes, Zangief is now playable in SFA 2.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

Can't give much of a review here folks, seeing at it's SFA2 arranged. Most of them are horrible, save Charlie's, Zangief's and Sakura's. Well, maybe I'm too harsh.

Fitting-in: 6/10

Originality: 4/10

Diversity: 6/10

Nostalgia Value: 7/10

Overall Value: 5.75/10

Closing Comments: Cammy's first SFA appearance, if going by games, otherwise, SFA3 would be her first appearance.

Street Fighter Alpha 3/Upper

Fitting-in: With the game's character select and VS intro and win screens, it sure fits in. I can't explain much, so you'd have to download a rom for yourself and see. 9/10

Originality: A lot of the tracks are new. Not really, ALL OF THEM ARE NEW. No recurring themes here, bro. Great choice of styles, too. 10/10

Diversity: Yep, you got it. 10/10

Nostalgia Value: I'm not one for techno, but I always have these in at least one of my iTune playlists. 9/10

Overall Value: 9.5/10

Closing Comments: The Upper version that can be unlocked has Dee Jay, T. Hawk (A low tier character if you ask me), Fei Long, and Evil Ryu playable, plus Shin Akuma, Balrog, Juni and Juli are selectable on the screen.

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix

All I can say is, kiddy, upbeat, fast.

Overall: 5.5/10

Closing Comments: This isn't as serious as the other 4, but still fun.

Closing Comments on SFAA: Great collection, grab it if you can, before it all goes into peoples households and to be never seen again on a video game store shelf.

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