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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - Now Recruiting! (NEW THREAD! POST HERE!)

Originally Posted by Yamirami View Post
Ya. And another plot would be nice, the same "I'ma be da best ev3rz! Oh noes, a team is stealing pokemanz, gotta help!" is REALLY getting old.
ooh!!! You gave me an idea! Or rather, you reminded me of an idea I had some time ago. You know how Team Rocket/etc is always trying to recruit you to their side? Well, what if they made Pokemon into a Fable/Elder Scrolls/Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic-type deal where you can choose which side you start leaning toward? It'd be less expansive than a GTA-style choose your own adventure sort of thing but it would work since they work with cartridges?

On another note, has anyone started playing that Minesweeper-esque game in Goldenrod City? I got addicted to it fast!
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