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Default Re: [Normal Cute] Iridium vs Trainer17 vs Eeveedude vs Hkim

Alright, I'm taking two and giving Sec the last one.

OnlineHost (3:28:49 PM): sheepskinfuton rolled 3 100-sided dice: 46 97 9

Leafeon used Baton Pass! +2! The other Pokemon may become nervous! Voltage increases! +1!
Raichu is too nervous to move!
Togekiss used Charm! +2! Leafeon is startled! -4! Voltage increases! +1! COMBO STANDBY
Miltank is too nervous to move!

Next turn order:
Togekiss @ 30 CS
Leafeon @ 0
Raichu @ 0
Miltank @ 0


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