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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing


Nel suggested fishing by the lake in which Gorebyss were swimming, though I felt it would be much safer a bit farther away from the Pokemon. We moved on a bit, and the settled into a comfortable position. Nel offered me a fishing rod too.

"Hehe, I'd think I'd pass," I said. "You should go ahead though."

Nel attached some bait, and then plunged the string in.

Almost instantaneously, there was a tug at the rod. Nel pulled up the rod enthusiastically, but what jumped out of the water was a small red ugly fish.

"Oh, it's a...Magikarp," I said, clearly dissapointed, and the look on Nel's face said the same.


Name: Nel Death

Locations: Great Lakes

Items: 5 x Super Ball, 1 x Max Potion, 2 x Full Heal, 1 x Mega Puffin

Area Effects:

Encounters Remaining: 10

Total Pokemon Encountered: Chinchou, Poliwrath, Gorebyss, Gorebyss, Magikarp

Current Encounter:

? ? Magikarp
Ability: ?
Health: 100%

Total Pokemon Captured: Female Rash Poliwrath (9.62%)

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon : Dragonite
Health: 100% (Left wing frozen)
Nickname: Drack
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Inner Focus
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Surf, HM Fly, Hidden Power (Poison)

Pokemon : Ludicolo
Health: 100%
Nickname : Tad
Gender : Male
Nature : Playful
Ability: Swift Swim
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power(Ground)

Pokemon : Togekiss
Health: 70.31%
Nickname: Pii
Gender : Female
Nature : Docile
Ability : Hustle
TM/HM/MT/EM: HM Fly, Nasty Plot

OOC: This is pretty interesting, don't you think? We've done some themed stuff already like a family, couple and now fishing, instead of the usual normal encounters. Good job, keep it up ^^

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