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Default Re: Individual RP;; HoneyBee

Ranger Ash Dalca
Abandoned Power Plant

The graceful Garevoir bowed to her two opponents before Calming her Mind with her psychic prowess. The fox-like humanoid, Alakazam, smiled at the two floating Rotoms before using Calm Mind himself. The Rotoms looked at each other mischievously, grinning. The first one bolted over to a large refrigerator, quickly taking the form of the Frost Rotom. The second, however, took the form of a microwave and therefore changed into Heat Rotom. They two grinned again as both Psychock and Rayne prepared their Shadow Ball/Hidden Power combos. The Heat Rotom and Frost Rotom let out two Waves of electrical Shocks, reach fired with their special move. Heat’s Shock Wave had an Overheat shoved in the middle while Frost’s had a powerful, storming Blizzard. What a way to start of the battle.

“Hey Mr. Yellow? I suggest trying to get rid of the other appliances, so they don’t change any more,” Ash suggested casually.

After the twin Rotoms fired their attacks, they each got pelted by the Shadow Balls and Hidden Powers, Rayne’s Grass Hidden Power going to the Frost Rotom while Psyshock’s Steel went to the Heat Rotom.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Axel Grey
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects: flickering lights, old computers and such scattered around the room
Encounters Remaining- 10

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Heat Rotom (NG) -Levitate Ability-

-??? Frost Rotom (NG) -Levitate Ability-

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Houndoom (M) -Early Bird Ability- <Out of Ball>
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Sludge Bomb

-Gentle Gardevoir (F) -Sychronize Ability- <In Battle> |Par|
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Thunderbolt, Snatch, Grass Knot, Attract, Thunder Wave, Rest, Sleep Talk, Protect, Substitute, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Grass), Psych Up, Skill Swap Shadow Sneak, Icy Wind, Wish, Confuse Ray

-Careful Gengar (M) -Levitate Ability- <In Ball>
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Focus Blast, Psychic, Ice Punch, Energy Ball, Fire Punch, Thunderbolt, Rest, Sleep Talk, Hidden Power (Fighting), Explosion, Poison Jab

-Gentle Alakazam (M) -Sychronize Ability- <In Ball>
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Tri Attack, Thunder Wave, Psych Up, Substitute, Hidden Power (Flying), Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, Encore, Signal Beam

Total Items: Max Potion (1x), Full Heal (2x), Type Repellant (3x), Mega Poffin (1x), Pokeplayer (1x), Porygon Voice Disk (1x), Electrike Voice Disk (1x), Blank Voice Disk (1x), Baby Teeth (1x), Uncommon Voice Disk (3x), ATablet (1x), Digital Camera (1x), Hyperballs (7x), Superball (3x), Supreme Park Ball (1x)

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Shinx // Ditto // Electrike // Rotom // Rotom //

Total Pokemon Captured:
Electrike [M, Brave]



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