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Default Re: A Guide to Team Building in the OU Metagame

Originally Posted by TON View Post
this is a great guide. but being an uber, isn't Latias banned from OU?
Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

Latias (minus Soul Dew) has been OU for a while now.

Anyway, great guide. I personally prefer UU, but I imagine this will help a lot of people.
Thanks guys, but honestly this guide sucks now in the current metagame; it's outdated. Machamp is an atrocious lead nowadays, and tbh never really was that good, especially with Azelf being the #1 lead for about a year and a half.
Once I get my life sorted out, I might make another one of these; but even then, there are much better ones on smogon for anybody starting out.
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