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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

OOC; Lolz. Details are good?

"Ah! Erutis! You poor thing," Seq doted, noticing his fallen Pokemon.

"To..." she called, not quite as enthusiastic as she was earlier. It seemed the damage from the crafty Roserade was sneaking up on her.

"Let's do a quick combo to help you out, okay dear?"

She nodded.

"Begin with Ancient Power. It shouldn't hurt the grassy Pokemon and while she's distracted with the numerous rocks, perform a Roost," the scientist commanded.

Large blue eyes widened with excitement. It seemed Erutis believed this was a good plan. Taking flight once more, she began to focus on her surroundings. There were not many large rocks, but small ones would indeed be better. A light purple aura spread from the circling bird, encompassing the smaller boulders. Using some sort of psychic energy, they started to lift from the ground and float towards the user. Once several larger ones were in sight, Erutis paused. She reared back, using her wings to create a heavy gust.

"Togekiss!" The massive gust pushed the rocks towards the Roserade.

Seq hoped they would all rain on the bouquet Pokemon as if they were a meteor shower, albeit a tiny one.
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